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Church of Sant’Agostino

The church, which has a single nave, was built in the fourteenth century was later enlarged and three naves in sec. XV. The facade, crowning horizontal, rectangular, round and has three windows èarricchita a portal of 1547, carried out by the Masters Comiso and Ferrone. The outer ends with a large pentagonal apse, the bell tower is sailing. Inside the altars, the work of Joseph and Lazarus Giosafatti, are rich in marble and stucco figures; the paintings are by Vincenzo Pagani, his son Lattanzio, Ludovico Trasi and School Maratti (sec. XVII). The altar of the central nave of the right is preserved painted in tempera on wood Francescuccio Ghissi da Fabriano fourteenth century, depicting the Madonna in the act of offering her breast to the Child Jesus, called “Madonna del Latte”. Venerated by the people of Ascoli, is also known as “Our Lady of Peace”, that definition takes its name from the oath of peace that came before it by the many factions that existed in the city.