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Cloister of St. Francis
The Major Cloister of St. Francis of Ascoli Piceno, popularly known as Piazza delle Erbe, opens in an airy space square between via the Trivium and way Ancaria, near People’s Square and the theater Ventidius Basso. It belongs, along with Minor Cloister of St. Francis, to the architectural complex of the church. Its area is preceded by a front porch of 1300, supported by columns and pillars octagonal and square, rather low, which support the Gothic arches. Built in travertine and masonry, its elevation began in the year 1565 thanks to substantial bequest of Sir Julius Ascoli Antonio Santucci. Then, thanks to Giovan Vincenzo Cataldi, who was also lord Ascoli, he completed the construction of the north side. Its structure consists of 20 arches, five on each side, which develop on Corinthian columns resting on plinths in low wall. At the center of its area is a well located, beautifully decorated outside with twisted columns of Gothic style, not unlike those of the facade of the church of San Francesco. On the wall of the porch is the oval plaque that recalls the figures of Nicholas IV, a Franciscan and Ascoli, and Sixtus V, both left the convent of the city. In one corner finds its a small source. This cloister is home every day the vegetable market, for this Ascoli is also identified with the name of Piazza della Verdura. Adjacent to the cloister is the classroom of the Oratory of St. Francis, now Cola dell’Amatrice room, he returned to the city of Ascoli, in March of 2012, after a careful and meticulous restoration wanted by ‘ Municipal Administration.