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The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ascoli Piceno
The Gallery of Contemporary Art “Osvaldo Licini” of Ascoli Piceno was established in 1999 at the Polo Sant’Agostino and is dedicated to Osvaldo Licini, a local painter. The founding collection is called Celi Helstrom and was bought by the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno in 2001. In addition to the works by Licini, the exhibition includes paintings by Lucio Fontana, Filippo de Pisis, Sebastian Matta, Gino Severini and others.
The Gallery received a boost in 2007, when Carisap Foundation loaned a collection of artworks by Tullio Pericoli. Several temporary exhibitions have been set up overtime, such as Il sopra-naturale in Chagall e Licini (“Chagall and Licini: supernatural elements”) and Da Tiziano a De Chirico (“From Tiziano to De Chirico). On 18 April 2008, an anthological exhibition was installed to honor the 50th anniversary of Osvaldo Licini’s death.