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Quintana of Ascoli Piceno

The Quintana is a jousting tournament that takes place every year in Ascoli Piceno on the first Sunday of August to honor St. Emidio, the city’s first bishop and Patron Saint.

Since 1997, a night edition dedicated to the Virgin of the Peace takes place on the second Saturday of July. After several years of interruption, the festival was brought back to life in 1955 by famous local historians, scenographers and professors such as Carlo Cardarelli, Carlo Baiocchi, Giuseppe Fabiani, Danilo Ciampini, Alberto Costantini, Giulio Franchi, Aldighiero Batini, Nazzareno Peci and Alvaro Pespani.

Each year there are new costumes and new roles. Today the impressive and magnificent historic parade moves in time like an ancient military march accompanied by tireless flag-wavers and by the sound of trumpets and the roll of the drummers.

Experienced characters carrying the standards in the tournament ground offer the audience a particularly intense and evocative show.

The whole event of Quintana consists of several moments taking place also on the days before the competition of the knights: “The Reading Of The Announcement” “The Candle Offering Ceremony”, “The Competition Of The Archers”, “The Competition Of Flag-Wavers” and finally the parade and the jousting tournament.

The Quintana represents the expression and synthesis of the traditions of Ascoli Piceno, its history, the indissoluble bond with the territory, the ancient alliances. The event is very popular among the citizens who prepare for this moment all year long. In the six districts the town is divided into, you can often hear the sounds of trumpets and drum rolls.