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The Tree of Pigeons

The Tree of pigeons is a plane tree (Platanus orientalis L.) that is located about 3 km from Ascoli Piceno, along the Via Salaria towards Rome.

It is part of the List of Monumental Trees Italian prepared by the State Forestry.

He mentioned for the first time under the name “Tree of PICCIO” in 1718, in the papers describing the work of paving the Via Salaria is identified as “the tree of Mr. Pigeon Parisani”. Later his name is found in some

Custodians of 1731 and 1749 always on the refurbishment of the road. The family Parisani had two members with the name or nickname Pigeon. The first was Vespasian, I live in the fourteenth century, mentioned in documents under the name of Pigeon, who died in 1561. The other was called Raymond, nicknamed Pigeon, and died in 1655. The plane rises into the sky with impressive size and has the trunk is hollow. The circumference of its trunk is 8.7 meters (regional record of Marche), it is another 24 meters.