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Colle San Marco

Colle San Marco (San Marco Hill, more commonly known as San Marco; Sammàrchë in local dialect) is a hill located within the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno. Along with Monte Ascensione (to the north), Montagna dei Fiori (to the south) and Colle di Rosara, San Marco is one of the highest peaks surrounding Ascoli’s urban area. The town is only 5,8 Km far and is connected to the hill by a road starting from Porta Cartara. The main area of interest of Colle San Marco is the so-called “Pianoro” (Plain), a natural terrace on the slope of the Montagna dei Fiori at 694 m a.s.l., halfway between Ascoli and the mountain village of San Giacomo di Valle Castellana. The area provides sports facilities, equipped green areas, camper areas as well as accommodation and bars. The top of the hill is characterized by a huge calcareous rock, which stretches perpendicularly along its northern side. On the cliff, and attached to it, is the façade of the Hermitage of San Marco, which is visible from Ascoli’s city center.