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Mount Ascensione

Mount Ascensione (or mountain of the Ascension; The Ascenzio dialect Ascoli) is a survey of 1,110 m above sea level of the Sub Marche, located entirely in the province of Ascoli Piceno. It rises at the turn of the valleys of the Tronto and Aso Tesino River, which originates just north near Force. the profile of the Ascension has a jagged appearance that suggests different figures: according to the vantage point can remember sleeping beauty or the profile of Cecco d’Ascoli , heretic and enemy Dante Alighieri. the views from the east northeast and west southwest are perfectly symmetrical . the area of ​​this mountain is administratively divided between the various municipalities, such as Ascoli, south; Appignano del Tronto to the south-east; in Castignano northeast; Rotella north; Force north-west, Palmiano and Venarotta west.